Murz Panarama
     Pseudo-God Murz


Murz, named after one of the pseudo-gods, is the fourth planet from the sun in the planetary model. The existance of this planet has been confirmed as the one being held up by the Great Brogmoid which stands on Mount Foobia. Major attractions include howling wind, an airless environment, and, of course, blistering radioactivity. While it is not much of a tourist trap, many still find the landscape beautiful to behold.

In the eleventh century, the Second Inquisition lauched many totems by rocket to Murz. Despite the airless surface, the new totem status allowed its trapped victims to endure the lack of atmosphere and spend eternity gazing at the scenic vista.

Believing Murz to be but an alleged destination on the Totemizer Machine, some attempted to AIMFIZ a known totem sent to the planet. All of the first who dared to travel to Murz in this matter did not return—it would later be proven that their heads imploded after a mere 30 seconds of sightseeing. Once safe travel was permissible, actual photographs were brought back from this red planet. Though for a time, some denied the photographic evidence as fraud, but with the increased frequency of travels, it now remains virtually undebated.

 In alchemy, Murz is the symbol of war and martial skills as well as those requiring penetration and judgment.