The beautiful elfin princess Myla saw her kingdom threatened by a deadly cyclops (c. 957-966 GUE). After many of their men had been killed in battle, she was sent by her father to find a warrior who could defeat the monster. Cloaked in fog she sailed along the Borphee River where she found Gurthark the Stout standing upon the buoyant carcass of the legendary lum ox. This man, whom she found to be handsome, had only saved himself from drowning by climbing atop the beast, but Myla assumed that he had killed it. Their communications were limited by the language barriers (she only spoke the elfin tongue), and her invitations to vanquish the cyclops were mistaken by Gurthark as an offer to take him to shore. At her gestured bidding, Gurthark wrenched off the lum ox's ivory horns then accepted a ride.

Unknown to Gurthark, but Myla brought him to the Kingdom of the Elves where after great battles, and much hardship, it was free from peril. The details of this event are wanting, but many seasons passed before Gurthark saw his friends again. There is heavy speculation that Myla, being a virgin of marriageable age, found this man worthy enough to have her hand in marriage.