Boos Myller, 1647 GUE

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    Boos waves to Rooper's nephew after Morphius defeat

    Old Mill:
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    One of Boos' Flasks (A)
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Boos Myller was a seventeenth century citizen of West Shanbar and one of the last direct descendants of the infamous Flathead family. This infamous socialite, philosopher, and toastmaster, was the miller of the valley and owned the village's pawn shop. Unknown for many years, the mill had been built upon a secret entrance to the Great Underground Empire, which could only be reached through a trapdoor which opened while the mill whell was revolving.

In the days when the Valley of the Sparrows was full of fat cattle and grain for as far as the eye could see, Boos was popular in town and people needed him. He used to sell a majority of his grain to Pugney and make rye whiskey. But when the curse of Morphius descended and the valley became barren, Boos shamefully withdrew. As the time went on, all he did was sit in the mill by the Northern River and drink himself into a stupor. Unfortunately, while permanently pickled, he frequently attempted to drive while intoxicated and thus had his licence revoked. Regardless, he continued to transgress the law, but not without continual mishaps. By Sand Day, Arch 15, 1642 GUE, Boos had already driven his pickup truck into the river for the tenth time.

During these depressing days, Boos invented the traditional Shanbar Toast, as well as published a book titled, "The Great Underground Empire: Toasts."

In the 1640s, after some tedious research and exploring, the four IT&L partners (Rooper, Trembyle, Canuk, Moadikum) discovered the secret door beneath the Old Mill. In 1647 GUE, the unknown Sweepstakes Winner gained entrance to the Great Underground Empire via the same passage. Although in those days, the cellar's doorway had been locked. This human had to obtain its keys, which had somehow come into the possession of Boos Myller. When the miller was heavily intoxicated, the Sweepstakes Winner asked him for his keys. Thinking that this human was merely going to take his truck to purchase more alcohol, Boos relinquished the keys. Not only did the taking away of the keys allow entry into the Great Underground Empire, but it kept another inebriated driver off the roads.