Known more for his valor than his brains, Mysterion, the son of Entharion the Wise, when he was merely a young prince, found an august sword abandoned in the woods and took it home to raise it as his own. Naming it Zarglebane, he tried to have the sword educated and then brought into his court. He claimed it was his most influential advisor, always in his hand, and gained a reputation for decapitating anyone that disagreed with him. Another of his prized possessions as a young child included a halberd known as Grovnar. It used to shine brightly enough to protect him from the grue which he thought lived under his bed. His father, eager to dismiss such childish fears, used to have the young prince’s nannies crawl under the bed to show that there was no grue in the room. The king lost eight child minders before he realized there actually was a grue, and the young prince was moved to a different room.

Entharion was succeeded by his son, Mysterion the Brave in 41 GUE, of whom little is known other than a couple scattered events of general bravery, all which have been lost to us save a few misty details.

After the confrontation with the Great Terror (before the end of the reign of Entharion the Wise), both Mysterion and his father were believed to belong to a secret society dedicated to the guardianship of magical knowledge from the eyes of the outside world. During his days, most knowledge of magic seemed to gradually diminish and soon after much of it would remain lost until its rediscovery by Bizboz in 473 GUE.