There are two creatures which are today known as the Nabiz. During the Great Monster Uprising, an entirely different creature was identified as the Nabiz entirely by mistake for unknown reasons. (see below for more information about this other nuisance of the same name).

Nabiz are an ugly creature mostly mouth, which is mostly teeth–huge upper and lower fangs, followed by triple rows of tinier teeth, all razor sharp. The jaws of an average-sized nabiz are large enough to swallow a human down the pink and red lining of its throat. From its flat forehead, to serpentine neck, body and tail, all are covered with dry scales. While most nabiz are purple and black and black and black and red, some of a dark green variety hadve been seen.

Beware of the nabiz's terrible panther-like cry. They instinctively sense their enemy's weakest point when attacking and will throw themselves into battle. Contrary to folklore, they cannot fly, but they can leap tremendous distances. Nabiz are repulsed by the color blue, which explains that color's popularity in adventurers' garb.

Nabiz are practically impossible to tame. Possibly demonic in nature, they are unusually sensitive to High Magic and can dramatically increase the effect of spells. The Nabiz will induce fear in most normal citizens, which can be very useful when its owner needs to bargain.

These beasts have inspired the following proverb, "Grinning like a wild nabiz at lunchtime."

During the time of the Great Monster Uprising, a possibly previously unidentified creature began to massive migrate across all of Zork. There are no records of the creature commonly known as the nabiz having survived during or after that period. But instead, this scray little mongrel of teeth and claws was mistakingly labeled as a nabiz. And soon after, citizens and adventurers all over Zork knew this beast as the nabiz instead of the former (which may have gone extinct during the Magic Inquisition). Able to tear through flesh like a miniature tornado, these misidentified creatures are just as deadly.

IMAGE01: an otherwise unknown creature, falsely called a nabiz