The newt is a common amphibian of the Salamandridae family. These creatures are essential for complementing spells. The fresher the lizard, the stronger its contribution to magic.

The Frobozz Magic Company's tropical first-quality lizards were world-renowned, shipped in temperature-controlled newtpacks to ensure freshness. Owners were instructore to store them in a warm, damp place. Unsatisified customers were able to return the unused portion for a full refund. In 966 GUE, newtpacks were priced accordingly: 6 pak (zm11), 12 pak (zm17), 43 pak (39zm).
    IMAGE01: Frobozz Magic Newt Pack

Newt eyes are coveted by magicians for use in various conjurations. The list price for a jar of new eyes was Zm2 in 957 GUE.

Barsap reached his untimely end in 962 when he was turned into a newt.