A night gaunt is a slimy reptilian creature, which legend attributed them with great speed. Their favorite treat was the tasty fruit of the bozberry bush. Slumbering by day, and active at night, the scaly-handed night gaunt had eyes that were extremely sensitive to light. These creatures are actually quite intelligent, delving into all sorts of arts, including poetry.

Originally, the night gaunts all lived freely in the Egreth forests. When Radnor took over Egreth Castle, he enslaved these creatures with phychic chains of evil enchantments, binding them with hard work and little food. Summoned incessantly by the evil warlock's mind powers, the night gaunts were quick to mindlessly obey for they feared him greatly.

When Radnor had been imprisoned by Frobwit the Fair in a crystal ball (c. 957-966 GUE), the spirit of Thorman the Red-beard restored Egreth Castle from ruin to its former glory. The transformation affected even the creatures that dwelled within, setting the night gaunts free of their curse. To show their gratitude, they were willing to remain as servants to the new rulers, King Dirinthrax and Queen Lia, but they were told to return to the forest and live freely. The creatures' adulation for these two remained abundant throughout the short rule.