The Nightwings were once of the fiercest street gangs to ever roam the Millucis district of Mareilon in the fourth century. Boasting over a hundred tried-and-true fighting members, the Nightwings competed with the Hellhounds for control over the shadowy and tenuous underground world that thrived in the lesser parts of Mareilon. Formed in 393 GUE, the Wings themselves were a relatively new phenomenon compared to the other gangs.

At the beginning of 398, the nervous tension of Mareilon’s crime world reached a fascinating peak as rumors abounded about a change of power at the top of the Nightwings’ basic structure. Official word from the bartenders and thieves of the area spoke of an outsider quickly grasping for control of the gang, pushing out all those who had held the reins before. This outsider was Zarfil, a descendant of Prince Argonel who wished to overthrow the governent of Mareilon and take his rightful place as ruler of the city-state.

This Zarfil had been able to convince the leaders of the Nightwings to join his cause as well as many other influential people of Marielon. Even though a truce managed to be formed between the Nightwings and the Hellhounds, transforming them from a criminal organization into a military force with a mission to attack Galepath, Zarfil did not dismiss the aide of Marboz.

Together, the unified gangs of Mareilon, under the command of Zarfil began their insurrection, rioting, burning buildings, murdering government officials and gained possession of the entire city in one night. Shortly thereafter, Zarfil lead the gangs against Galepath. The armies of the two cities collided at the Jerrimore Plains, where both side were decimated by the Nezgeth tribes.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged