Lighthouse, 1647 GUE
         Exterior (low1) / (low2) / (high)
         Exterior (looking north) (artA) / (artB)
         Exterior (from east bank) (low) / (high) / (art)
         Behind Lighthouse (low) / (high) / (artA) / (artB)
                Vines Hanging on Debris (A) / (B)
                Raft Made from Debris (art)
         Front Door (low) / (high) / (artA) / (artB)
         Front Door (artA) / (artB)
         Interior (low) / (high) / (art1A) / (art1B) / (art2)
         Looking East from Roof (low) / (high)
         Panarama view from Roof (art1) / (art2)

The original Northern River Lighthouse was a keep built on the western side of the river, linked to Shanbar by the Road to the South. Across the river to the east lies the village of Bel Naire.

Through the 1630s and 40s, the curse of Morphius had devastating effects upon the infrastructure of the valley. In the process, the keep was reduced to nothing but a pile of rubble.

The second lighthouse was built as an anti-vulture warning system, supposedly to signal the townfolk of any dangers heading their way. Constructed on a bend in the river in the Valley of the Sparrows, it lay to the north of Shanbar. Though not as impressive at the first, the roof had the best view in the valley. At one time a rope bridge crossed the valley, providing an alternate shorter route to Bel Naire, as opposed to having to loop southward and cross at Shanbar; but it later fell down.

Following the completion of the lighthouse, further damaged came to the valley as a result of Morphius' evil. The entire village of East Shanbar completely disappeared, while a majority of West Shanbar was dislocated a significant distance south. Only a few buildings remained in their original location. The remaining buildings and lighthouse became divided by a large patch of cursed land, in which anyone that tread there instantly perished. This second lighthouse quickly became decrepit under the burden of the evil enchantment.

Throughout these years, the lighthouse was run by a befuddled fellow who isolated himself in the lighthouse.