Odysseus (also known as Ulysses) and his men arrived on the shore of the eastlands. There he and part of his crew were shut inside a cave by the cyclops named Polyphemus, who devoured some of his comrades, and talked with Odysseus, who told the cyclops that his name was "Nobody." The cyclops promised Odysseus to eat him last as a reward for the wine he had received from him. However, when the cyclops, being drunk, was asleep, Odysseus and his men prepared a treetrunk, making it into a sharp weapon, which they put into the fireplace, and then thrust it into the cyclops' only eye. Polyphemus in despair cried loud enough to wake the other cyclopses up. But when they shouted to ask what was wrong, Polyphemus told them that "Nobody has blinded me", and the cyclopes, thinking everything was fine, returned to bed. This is how Odysseus and his comrades could escape the cave of Polyphemus. But while sailing away Odysseus teased the cyclops and was cursed by him, who called upon his father Poseidon. And to avenge his son, the god decided to make Odysseus' journey even harder, by throwing terrible storms in his way.

The name of Odysseus sends all cyclops fleeing in terror; even crashing through walls to escape the mere mention of this infamous menance. It is wise to speak of this infamous hero when encountering any cyclops.