Old Scratch is a demon who invented a dangerous scratch-off lottery game with a very severe twist. Winners of this Zork Lottery ticket would receive a zm500 bill. But losers would be damned for eternity. The goal of the ticket was to navigate through the disjointed maze from starting point to the treasure in the center without making any wrong turns. The correct passage is scrambled and hidden behind a block that has been rotated by a multiple of 90 degrees. Three strikes and the scratcher was damned.

There have been at least two results witnessed for losers of Old Scratch's lottery. The most recent was that the soul of the unfortunate one flies from their body as per the contract with Old Scratch to be confined within Hades for eternity. The original result ended with the card dissolving into a fine mist and being replaced by a not-so-happy, big, ugly monster, which grumbled, "All you foolish adventure-persons ever want is treasure. That makes me...hungry," and then chomped and swallowed.