The eunuch Olio, living in the mid-seventh century, was at least a half-blooded giant. Caspar Warthsworth described him as having a very ugly face. Half the teeth were missing, the nose had been broken at least twice, a large earring dangled from a distended left lobe, and a thin queue of braided hair sprouted from the righ side of his scalp to hang down his shoulder. His biceps were as thick as a man’s waist, his fists were large and powerful enough to twist a man’s head off like it was a cork in a beer bottle.

At least during the beginning of the reign of Duncanthrax, Olio was the jailer beneath the royal palace in Borphee. While big, mean and ugly, the only friends he had were roaches that infested the dungeons. Overprotective of his favorite incests, Olio was known to take physical retribution upon those that dared to harm them.