Orexia is an obscure vestigial survivor of the former Anatian Empire which dominated the Westlands before 800 BE. The Orexics are known for their gaunt, half-starved appearance. Neighboring Miznia on its extreme southern border, Orexia never owed Quendor more than nominal allegiance, Duncanthrax himself being too unwilling to combat the diseases and dangers of the swamp in order to reach Orexia itself.

Since the beginning of the Enchanters Guilds, the only contact that Orexics have ever had with the outside world have been through the omnipresent reach of the magic guilds, whose numerous branches reach even into that obscure southern region.

About 956 GUE, the Great Terror, choose the nearby ruins of Dolo Finis in Miznia for its habitation.
There it waited and gained strength while its influence crept slowly and inexorably across the world, corrupting all it touched. Soon the country succumbed entirely to the oppression of the Great Terror. In the days just before the collapse of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE), the Great Terror was defeated by a young enchanter Anesi and his companions, thus freeing Orexis from its strangling grip.