Otto was the only giant toad ever brought back to civilization, done so by John Paul Flathead in the 770-80s. Otto, who was known for his extraordinary appetite and his curmudgeonly personality, was not only ugly, but bright blue and as large as a small shack. He could speak fluently the tongues of men and usually looked pretty grumpy. As the pet of John Paul, Otto's name became great and known throughout many lands. And though he spent many years at sea, few pirates knew his name.

After the death of John Paul in 789 GUE, Otto lived in the Frigid River Delta on a huge lily pad. The swamp was originally owned by a cartel of lily pad farmers in Borphee, who became indebted up to their ears to a conglomerate of Gurthian banks. At that time, Otto became the primary stockholder, thus one could safet say that he own the swamp.

In 883 GUE, the First Dungeon Master seeking 24 objects (2 from each of the Twelve Flatheads) to end the curse of Megaboz, sought John Paul's spyglass which Otto had inherited. If he wanted it, he had to bring Otto the Four Fantastic Flies of Famathria, the objects of utmost culinary lust among his species. This Dungeon Master successfully captured the four flies and delivered them to the giant toad, who had the good fortune of dining on them. True to his word, the toad grumpily permitted him to have Flathead's spyglass.