The old crusty Ozark was an enormous bearded fellow who operated a personal ferryboat service along the Borphee River from the north shore to Accardi-by-the-Sea. Though burly and hard-featured, this sailor was quite friendly and sympathetic.

Just before the dawn of the Triax (c. 957-966 GUE), Ozark ferried his nephew Ryker, Acia, and Gurthark the Stout to Accardi-by-the-Sea. As a result of the crystal ball his passengers carried, a burst of its evil caused a sea serpent to take hold of Gurthark’s fishing line and pull him overboard. Though he survived, none of those on board could find him.

After he successfully let off Ryker and Acia at Accardi, three strangers appeared on the dock later that day. These unknown prophets required the usage of his vessel. When Ozark refused, their powers surmounted him, forcing him to oblige (He in fact could not understand why he had agreed to take them on.) While aboard, a sudden darkness overtook the land—the reign of the Triax had began. Though little details survive of this dark period of history, it is known that Ozark helped these prophets. But many days and much hardship would pass before the Triax passed and tranquility returned to Quendor.