Mavis Peepers, 1647 GUE

      Mavis Peepers Artwork
      Mavis Peepers after Morphius defeat (A) / (B) / (C)
      Peepers' Logbook (art)
      Peepers' Quiz Paper (A)


Mavis Peepers was the school marm who ran the West Shanbar school house and was a wealth of information. When the curse of Morphius entangled the Valley of the Sparrows in the 1930s and 40s, her students began to disappear. Although her star pupil, Rebecca Snoot, received her diploma in 1640, the rest vanished shortly after. Not knowing what became of the students, Ms. Peepers grew very sad and locked herself up in the school. According to Molly Moodock, "She lost her brood and" couldn't "seem to leave the hen house." Growing preoccupied, some of the last remaining citizens placed a bell at the school house door to perk her attention if they needed her, but someone kept stealing the rope.

In 1647 GUE, the unknown Sweepstakes Winner, upon ringing the bell with his knife, was invited into the school house. She needed someone to teach and this newcomer filled the compulsive need in her. She tested the adventurer's knowledge, and once finding the human satisfactory, was happy to provide a notebook so the adventurer could record what happened to Shanbar and what caused it. She could not go herself, as she had to be there if any of her students came back. After the defeat of Morphius, she collected the information written in the adventurer's notebook, edited it, and released the book, "The Rise and Fall of Zork."

Mrs. Peeper's had at least two paperweights. One was a dented can of pasta that was generally imprevious to all models of the can opener. Inside, were the remains of an adventurer who had been strangled by a ball of heat-seeking spaghetti during the days of the Second Inquisition. The other was a totem from the same period.

A few non-authoritive sources tell that Ms. Peepers first name was Emily. Whether this is another of the Peepers family or the same, it without proper conclusive evidence.