The Pheehelm once belonged to Prince Foo, former ruler of Pheebor. This ancient relic is a dazzling treasure, so heavily crusted with jewels it is hard to see the precious metals underneath. Wearers of the Pheehelm are granted the wisdom of kings, and the power to see the unseeable, including the ability to sense the movements of grues telepathically without seeing them.

The Pheehelm was lost when Prince Foo was killed in 396 BE. The helmet, along with his severed head fell into one of the many battle trenches. A humble peasant from 966 GUE, hoping to uncover this relic, traveled back in time to this moment in history. Unfortunately, this could not be done. In order to claim the Pheehelm, the unknown peasant tossed a chocolate truffle (which had been bathed in the Pool of Eternal Youth) into the trench, then temporal traveled to the time of the Final Conflagration when the ground was soft enough for his pet minx to dig up the relic. This helmet was donned by this peasant who after returning to 966, used it to slay hoardes of grues guarding the Coconut of Quendor.

Although incredibly rare, the Pheehelm was appraisedin 966 as being worth a mere 50zm.