The Plane of TransInfinite Splendor is a magical realm where unicorns enjoy a carefree existence free from the cruelty of man. The unspoiled landscape of rolling meadows, sparkling streams, and orchards bursting with fruit, stretch away in every direction. The unicorns here were hostile towards "earth-dwellers", refusing to allow their children to suffered the same fate as they did at the hands of men. The only known gateway to this plane was by opening an old chest which was probably the product of the Antharian dwarves, with the inscription, "Do Not Open This Chest" upon it.

In 966 a humble peasant became not only the first man to enter the Plane of TransInfinite Splendor by the means of this chest, but the first person in recorded history to defeat a monkey grinder. He did so by presentined the old chest to it as a gift. The monkey grinder, loving presents, eagerly opened it and magically banished the grinder to the Planes of Splendor, where the unicorns presumably kept him in captivity for all eternity. This peasant additionally sent a unicorn in Mizniaport to the planes by the same means.

When the peasant, upon traveling to the plans, was told by the unicorns to return and tell them about the fate that awaited any who dared to violate their solitude again. For all future intruders would be humiliated by having a painful metal bit forced into their mouth, as they haul wagonloads of overweight, aristocratic unicorns. The rest of their lives would be spent pulling this laughing burden in a small circle, silent and powerless as cruel taskmasters would whip them over and over again, with infrequent stops for dirty water and oats.