The planetary model, as opposed to brogmoidism, claims that Zork is but one of eight spherical bodies that revolve around Solis (the sun). The eight planets, in order of closet to the sun to the furthest, are Hermazz, Venusnv, Zork, Murz, Juperon, Saturnax, Mianus, and Plado. With an exception of Zork (of which no one knows the name’s origin), the other planets were named in honor of some of the worshipped pseudo-gods of the day. Although the religious communities did not always believe that there were other planets, it is presently agreed by both the religious and non-religious communities, that Murz does exist along with two giant brogmoids. Some have sought to reconcile both of these into one, while others have outrighted denied either the planetary model or the brogmoids, despite their proven existences.

The most primitive model dominating astrological studies until the fourth century, consisted of a massive coconut floating on an elliptical course around an even more massive watermelon. Later scientists discovered that Zork was not a coconut, but one of eight spherical bodies that revolved, not around a glowing watermelon, but around Solis, while Luna (the moon) went around Zork. While the Scrolls of Kar’nai spoke of the Implementors having created both the sun and the moon for the sake of Zork, the scrolls were not specific as to which bodies orbited one another. Thus regardless of the conclusion as to which revolved around which, neither conclusion was incompatible with the holy writings, though some of the religious community was in an uproar over this assumption. And still, to the present, it cannot yet be proven which encircles which. Although is has been proven numerous times that Zork is flat, nearly all planetary models still depict the planet as spherical.

Those who have found a unification between the planetary model and brogmoidism have a plethora of varying solutions. Some simply believe the spheres to be held up by a series of brogmoids. This sequence of alternating brogmoids and planes exactly parallels basic dimensional physics if it is hypothesized that the first brogmoid stands upon the plane held up by the last brogmoid (forming a massive “daisy-chain”, or circle of bodies).  Still others have speculated less conservative approaches, including that the apparent movement of each of the planets around the sun is due to the perambulations of the brogmoids holding each of them up from one massive central plane below that supports all eight. The one holding up the sun is especially stoic. The moon was not found to be detailed in this hypothesis.