The Platypus Guard was the elite fighting unit of the Misty Island. Skilled in murder and mayhem, the battle insticts of this unit of fifty strong were honed to razor sharpness. Each of their furry legs were equiped with poisoned spurs, and all were equipped with silver whistles, that when blown, would instantly translate them back to the palace on the Misty Island. When summoned, it always took them a few fours to get together, as platypuses were unfortunately not all that fast on their feet.

During the reign of Simon the Postman, The Honorable Roger was their captain. This platypus summoned the entire troop in response to Simon's dilemma. While it took several hours for them to assemble, the Platypus Guard arrived at the Festeron church during the final confrontation with Gladys. They rescued the two sister, Y'Gael and Hortense, from their magical entanglement by the Evil One's snakes.