The abominable snowman Pooky was the pet of an elderly woman living in Frostham during the Second Age of Magic who spent all of her money on pet food. Pooky stood well over ten feet tall, with vice-like hands, bulging muscles, razor-sharp claws, snowy white fur, a distinctive black patch over the right eye shaped like a skull, and a chain around its neck from which hung a board with "Pooky" written in elegant, cursive script. The pet had a "favorite" squeaky grue chew toy. If squeaked, the abominable snowman would fiz his gaze firmly upont he toy with a manic look of violent desire creeping into his eyes and follow that person anywhere.

One day while she was walking her "dear little" Pooky in the Flathead Mountains, a big scary troll jumped out from behind a rock and startled them. The woman was so shocked that she tripped and fell over, but by the time she had gotten back to her feet, both Pooky and the troll were gone (and she had dropped his grew chew toy). The abominable snowman descended from the mountains into the Dark Forest and then trekked to the White Cliffs. Along the travel, Pooky managed to acquire the troll's club (and most likely the troll himself) and used it as a tooth bit.

The woman had no idea where Pooky had gone or if she would ever see him again. He had never been away from his owner for more than an hour or so since she had gotten him. Thus she sought an adventurer. The one of her choosing would later be known as "Dirk Softly". This adventurer first tracked down the grue chew toy; then mistakingly persued the yipple Wilbur, thinking it was Pooky (Wilbur was the lost pet of another Frostham resident). After devouring Wilbur, Pooky was discovered by the adventurer. "Dirk Softly" allured the pet with the squeak of the chew toy and returned (althought violently) to Frostham with Pooky in tow.