The Pool of Stasis, one of six legendary pools, were mystically linked with the seventeen cubes of foundation when The One Eru laid down the foundations of the world. The exact nature of these pools remains unclear even today; tradition has left only vague information concerning two of these magical bodies of water, and the only one whose whereabouts is known is that of Eternal Youth. For example, there were very specific instructions in the Scrolls of Fizbin about how to find the Pools, but every detail related to geographical locations of archaic names which are no longer known.

Although its location is unknown, its prominent role in some events in the lands to the south predating the reign of Zylon the Aged are well documented and still taught in many classrooms. Thus scholars have assumed it to be a real place. Based on research, the general impression is that the pool is somewhere hidden in the Southlands, and like the Pool of Eternal Youth, guarded by a magic boulder of some kind.