Port of Tumper is a city of the Desert River Province, situated at the southern end of the Valley of the Sparrows near waterfall of the Northern River where it pours into the Great Misty Sea. Resting high on the clifftops, this city overlooks the Great Misty Sea. [As this city is above ground and the eastern shore of the Flathead Ocean lies far underground, the author of this encyclopedia can only speculate that this was one of the flying carpet ports possibly alluded to in the "G.U.E. on Nine Zorkmids a Day."]

To the north of Tumper is an entrance to the Great Underground Empire--one of its tunnels leading all the way to the subterranean Temple of Agrippa.

During the mid-tenth century, this city was allied with Thaddeus Kaine who ruled the entire Desert River Province from Castle Irondune across the river. When the lawless Irondune was besieged by the rampaging armies of Lord Ellron in 945 GUE, the armies of Tumper were assembled and at hand to heed the summons of Kaine's armies. This call for reinforcements was not issued until 949 GUE, when a female pilgrim at Irondune relayed a successful battle strategy through Kaine's radio system. The armies of Tumper went forth, crushing the ravenous hordes of Lord Ellron and freeing the castle from oppression.

    Northern River & Frozen River Terran Map