Discovered several years after 769, when Berzio created the GNUSTO spell, this first potion was named after Berzio himself.

While both varieties of the Berzio potion obviate the need for food or drink, the ochre-colored version is tasteless, while the refined green version always tastes like your favorite food. The drinker of this potion instantly no longer feels hungry and thirsty, as though they had eaten a whole meal. It is not very nourishing and real food would have to be found sooner or later. A single vial was able to keep one going a few days though, if it was used sparingly. If consumed in one sitting, it was recommended to drink slowly, as it was known to be a strong drink.

As many varieties of Berzio were in distribution, those mass-produced by the Frobozz Magic Company during the Second Age of Magic were distinguished from the others and known as "Authentic FrobozzCo Bottle o'Berzio."