The SIRANO potion, causes the drinker to temporarily speak in bad poetry for hours on end. Without the potion, should a person remark, "Aren’t the dragondils lovely," the reply might be: "Oh, is that what they are?" or simply "Yes." or, worse, "I’ve seen nicer." But under the effects of the SIRANO potion, the drinker, for example, might surreptitiously quaff it and reply: "As lovely and golden as the rain-washed air is clear and sparkling, and fragrant and fresh as you eyes are poetic and inspiring."

Buyers also realized that they got what they paid for. Some so-called "discount" or "bargain" potions were no bargain at all. A SIRANO potion that wore off midsentence could be disastrous, as the drinker was likely to say the first thing that came to his mind, which was bound to be ridiculous, such as: "Your lips are like rubies, your eyes like alabaster, your hands like...like poached rotgrub."

SOURCE(S): The Lost City of Zork