Poulizre, a popular journalist of Mareilon in the fourth century, was owner of one of the oldest and most influential printing presses in the city. As editor of a major Mareilon newssheet, her words were read by nearly every citizen who could spare the few zorkmids needed to buy her weekly issues. At one time, her words had even reached as far as the ears of the previous mayor. In those days, she had free reign of the Citadel of Mareilon as an important person who circulated in the highest reaches of the city goverment. However, what had seemed to many to be an inevitable rise to power through those channels had been thwarted by a mysterious feud with the city’s Chief Historian, Ezkinil. In some way, he had once been angered by Poulizre. One word from him to the mayor had been sufficient to end her role in city government. No plausible explanation ever came to the surface.

Zarfil, a descentant of Prince Argonel, wished to overthrow the Mareilon government. Poulizre was one of many influential people whom he was able to convince to join his cause. In preparation for the initial rally of declaration, Poulizre published fliers and pamphlets of all kinds, often in defiance of direct orders from the city goverment. These new publications were almost never circulated near the houses of ruling class, but in the common markets and the back alleys, every wall was lined with posters that screamed out words of unrest. Initially the posters had been few, and vaguely worded. As the days passed, more and more publications appeared, with each new set aimed at a different type of person. Some cried out against the miserable social conditions that existed in certain areas of Mareilon. Others, targeted specifically at the local religious communities, pointed out the multitude of ill-omens that have come from the gods over the last weeks. Then one night, without warning, all those posters were taken down and replaced with a simply worded proclamation: “Beeblebrox Square, 12 Oracle 398, Noon.”

On the initial rally of Oracle 12, 398 GUE, the middle-aged Poulizre accompanied Zarfil into Beeblebrox Square along with Hembiz, Ezkinil, and Mimb. Zarfil had great powers of persuasion indeed, to heal a rift as legendary as that between Ezkinil and Poulizre, the two rivals who had been peering at each other angrily from opposite ends of Mareilon for over two decades. Here the rebel leader announced his lineage from Prince Argonel, publicly demanded the resignation of Hayor Hegilburg, and to march against Galepath and destroy it. Having played his cards just right, Zarfil and his followers were later invited by the mayor to Firestone Mansion. Ezkinil and Pouilzre again accompanied him.

After Zarfil's insurrection had claimed the city of Mareilon, Poulizre's printing presses ran overtime to ensure that his latest order was pasted up on every local street corner still standing. What became of Poulizre following this proclamation is unknown. There are no records of her involvement in the march against Galepath.