When Eru The One, spoke all creation—the multiverse—into existence, He placed one of The Powers That Be over each individual universe. This member of the Upper Echelons, in responsible for the enforcement, upkeep and continual maintenane of all laws fashioned by Eru. The only ones above The Powers That Be, other than Eru, is the Control Character and the Autoexec. Below The Powers That Be is the host of Implementors. Each of one of The Powers That Be are believed to have had an active hand in the creation of the particular one to which he is assigned.

In the early years of creation, many Implementors left their heavenly homes and had intercourse with any humans that they beheld as lovely, thus producing hideous half-human, half-implementors monstrosities. These oddities wrecked so much havoc upon Zork that the Control Character was instructed to cause worldwide devastation upon the surface of the planet in order to destroy not only all of these aliens, but to eliminate all of the wicked mortals save a couple of each race. Once the disaster had passed, all of the rebellious Implementors were punished, along with their offspring. But these half-implementor beasts had only their bodies destroy, while their disembodied spirits were free to roam. Bearing extreme hatred for the one who had done this to them, they went around deceiving the replenishing population all over Zork by naming themselves ‘Gods’ and claiming to have ultimate power.

These evil supernatural beings collected together to rally against those above. In order to govern and prevent this tremendous population from corrupting all of creation, the Autoexec and The Powers That Be decided to delete them all. Belegur petitioned the Control Character not to destroy the full number of the spirits, saying, “Let some of them remain under my control, and let them attend to my voice. For if some of them are not left to me, I shall not be able to execute the power of my will over those wicked men that have given themselves over to iniquity. Let these be for corruption and leading astray.”

And the Control Character, acting in accordance with the will of Eru, granted a tenth of these spirits to Belegur, and letting the other nine parts descend into the place of condemnation. In order to prevent these spirits from destroying Zork prematurely, the Autoexec and The Powers That Be formed for them an organization known as the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association.

From then on, The Powers That Be frequently was responsible for the issuing of pamphlets and other literature to the Association, ranging from guidebooks to Hades, to the Tortle, to fire safety procedures for hotels.