Pugney's Ranch, 1647 GUE

    Angus Pugney Artwork
    Pugney's Ranch (looking west) (low) / (high) / (art)
    Pugney's Ranch (looking east) (A)
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    Pugney's Barn, Ext (A) / (art1) / (art2)
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    Cattle Pen (A1) / (A2)(B) / (C) / (art)
    Misc. Artwork (A) / (B)
    Bra box found on front lawn (A)


In the early 1600s, Pugney's Ranch raised strong and healthy cattle that provided enough meat and leather products for the entire Valley of the Sparrows. Boos Myller used to sell his grain to the rancher. But in the 1630s and 40s, the curse of Morphius began to deteriorate the valley's fertility and the once fattened cattle became slim. Despite this, Pugney won the All-Valley Cattle Round-up Best of Show in 1643 GUE (West Shanbar Times reported on this on Star Day, Oracle 1).

As the effects of the evil powers of Morphius expanded, many of the buildings and citizens vanished, including Pugney's Ranch, and were relocated to the Great Underground Empire. Pugney was frigthened out of his wits by the curse, the vultures, and all the other evils. Near hysteria, he boarded himself up in his new subterranean illuymnite-renovated house with his wife. He only went outside to feed his milk cow, which ate nothing but carrots. In fact, it was actually Snoot's cow (it is uncertain how the cow came into the rancher's possession). There was an instance when the hungry cow got loose and tore up Itah's vegetable garden in search of carrots.

In 1647 GUE, a box of brassiers mysteriously ended up in front of Pugney's house. Neither he nor his wife had any knowledge as to how it came to be littering Pugney property, nor were they able to get it open. When the unknown Sweepstakes Winner ventured into the underground that year, Pugney was happy to gift that adventurer with the box, which ended up being essential to the defeat of Morphius. As the cow diet was nothing but carrots, this same adventurer was also able to milk it in order to obtain a remedy for the Whispering Woods' blindness curse.