Rainbow turtles dwell in the warm waters of the Southlands. Their enameled shells shine with all the colors of the rainbow.

The father of this rare breed of turtle was once the favored pet of King Mumbo II in 619 GUE, who determined the measurement of the bloit during the king's reign. About 881 GUE, a wizard cast a spell on him, magically enamelling his shell with all the colors of the rainbow. He was particularly proud of his new shell, and henceforce, this turtle was the father of a new breed of "rainbow turtles" which began to populate the Southland shores.

In 956 GUE, this long-lived turtle resided on the beach near Largoneth, and helped an unknown enchanter in defeating the warlock Krill. With the efforts of the his tremendously tough shell, combined with the enchanter's EXEX spell, this turtle was able to bypass the infernal machine in the castle and retrieve a KULCAD scroll which was essential for the enchanter to conquer Krill.