A common furry rodent, usually diseased. Packs of vicuous rats are known to be found numbering in the thousands, quickly working with amazing ferocity to transform the well-equipped adventurer into well-picked bones. Despite this, many people are unaware that rats make great pets. They are quiet, very clean and cubbly, but at the same time quite independent and intelligent. Rats' paws are extremely agile and it is quite remarkable how they can manipulate their toys and food. In fact, rats are always trying to score some more food from their owners, not so much to eat as to pack away to be eaten later. The term "pack rat" really is a good description of their behavior.

In the basements of G.U.E. Tech (during approximately the 1600s GUE), a troop of carnivorous rats inhabited the steam tunnels beneath the campus buildings. They did not have the appearance of usual sewer rats. There was more white in their fut, even dirty and encrusted as it was. Some were furless, and others piebald; all with yellow eyes. Many of the older ones were scarred and looked particularly cunning. No stronger than an ordinary rat, they should be easily squished with a single stomp; it was their mere blood-thirsty numbers that made them fatal, as they swarmed over their prey like flies.

By the mid-seventeenth century GUE, rats were being used as rodent power in new technology called Rodent Rotary.