A giant breed of rat-ants was discovered only in the Cultural Complex of the Great Underground Empire, where they were put on display as part of Dimwit's Extraterrestrial Museum. When ready to attack, these tiny-brained insects rear up, like six-legged horses pawing the air, their rear feet planted firmly on the ground. Giant rat-ants are especially fond of a rare type of milky-white crystalline boulders which are very sweet.

An amalgamation of these nasty rat-ants were nearly released to the surface in 1066 GUE by an unknown Inquisition Guard. This guard, trapped in a newfound sector of the Great Underground Empire, found his route of escape blocked by a cluster of these gigantic, translucent boulders. Leading these gigantic insects to the crystals by the means of a chain of candybars, the guard watched as they the leader ant did a dance of joy and each took a boulder handed off by their leader and headed for their homes, making a large enough hole to escape from the tunnel. The insects made their way to the surface, but the guard sprayed the leader ant with a can of Frobozz Magic Bug Repellent. The others, seeing their leader's fate, ran back into the safety of the tunnel. The Grand Inquisitor's guard quickly sealed the tunnel before they had a chance to reconsider. Historians speculate that had these giant rat-ants been released, the entire land would have been doomed to years of horrible infestation.