An inn along the Old Forest Road in the depths of Mauldwood near Nasturtium's castle. In 665-8 GUE, those who saw the inn could only report that it had "obviously seen better days." For the old wooden sign, with the faint picture of a strutting rooster encircled by a ring of faded blue balls, was chipped and peeling. Its brown, weathered boards that made the walls housed large cracks. The entire structure looked as though a good stuff wind would flatten it.

During these years, the inn was occupied by a group of cunning brigades (including Deke), who were so steathy that they could sneak up upon a deer. With garments that were in desperate need of repair and washing, as well as an unkempt countinence, they liked nothing better than to rape beautiful bypassers. One of these was the lovely Esmerelda, whose companions were able to give the covetous men the bashing they deserved.

SOURCE(S): The Lost City of Zork