The edge of the fabled sword Redthirst is keen and fashioned with a magic that has nothing to do with hammer and anvil. The steel is guarded by sorcerous incantations, and the wielder would never be defeated in battle so long as the following three secret things were remembered.

The First Secret is that the blade would provide the wielder greater protection against supernatural and demonic enemies than against mere human villains. Whenever in the presence of a supernatural enemy, the sword will begin to grow warm in the hand and emit and aroma as of bread baking.

The Second Secret was a warning, that using Redthirst creates a love of battle, and the better the wielder’s opponents, the greater the desire for combat.

The Third Secret was that the sword is dedicated to protecting both the Sunless Grotto and the Great Underground Empire, due how interlinked the realms are.  

This enchanted blade was passed down to King Hyperenor from his ancestors, having been in the family's one great treasure for centuries. In the tenth century, Hyperenor passed it on to his son Mirakles who was but a stripling.