Retired Soldier, 949 (A) / (B)


The retired solider, as this anoynomous war veteran has come to be called, was the only man who did not desert the late General Kaine when the chaotic hordes of Ellron had nearly broken through into Irondune.

This devotee had known General Kaine since he was a boy (Kaine was born in 899 GUE). Kaine's war against Ellron began in 924 and the first siege on Irondune happened in 945 about the time that the General was murdered. Ellron's men were temporarily pushed back but qucikly feel victim to the curse of the Nemesis and degenerated into a rampaging horde. At the start of 947, these marauding armies besieged Irondune, a vain assault that would not be turned away until 949.

Kaine had been able to maneuver this troops through an elaborate system of remote radio control codes an incredibly sophisticated nature, that were able to telegraph instructions on any given day, provided the soldier could identity himself with the given cipher for that day.

Bivotar met the retired soldier in 948, when other soldiers (who had not even been convinced that the General had been killed) were still present within the castle grounds attempting to ward off Ellron's siege. The retired soldier, who was raving mad and desperate to talk, pressed several photographs into Bivotar's hands and begged him to bring his beloved liege back to him.

By 949 GUE, this old soldier was the castle's last defense. As Irondune was already constructed to withstand attacks for many months with only the smallest army, this aging soldier was somehow capable of holding off Ellron's troops with a specialized gun which had been designed by Kaine for his men. All credit for the defense of this castle should not be given to this man alone, as several units near the castle grounds were used to decoy Ellron's troops with powder in the final battle against the hordes. And much esteem should be given to a nameless female pilgrim, who, having deciphered Kaine's codes, formulated the plan to defeat Ellron's forces. These instructions were relayed over the radio system to the retired soldier, who delivered them to the appropriate units that were able to put the plan into action and drive off the mad hordes.