Cliff Robinson, 1657 GUE
     Cliffs hands over a piece of the Nectus
     Cliff Robinson Artwork


Cliff Robinson, son of a famous thief was once an adventurer who, bringing his wife and son with him into the Cliffs of Depression, stayed too long, was crippled into depression by the effects of Morphius' curse, and "retired" to a preaceful, if dreary, life there as one of the Ridiculously Lonely. He had originally brought a bonding plant with him, but it wilted and the family was too depressed to get back up.

As slaves of Morphius, they were sentenced to work mining translyuminite for his empire. Here the lethargic man was found constantly complaining, worrying and crying (for a once-heroic adventurer, crying is a pitiful sight). His eyebrows adopted a permanent droop at the corners, and his entire face sagged from the burden of depression; he shuffled around with slumped shoulders, rather than walking.

When Chuckles Comedy Club was rekindled, the glum Cliff became its proprietor, where he offered a joke contest in attempts to cheer up the depressed people which could not leave. He was considerate enough to post a warning sign outside the Club, warning wanderers not to enter without a bonding plant, and further encouraged those that did, them to leave fast before the plant wilted so they would not become trapped.

Cliff Robinson in collaboration with the head dwarf miner were able to get his son safely way from the cliffs. Sometime in the course of his life, Cliff had managed to acquire two pieces of the last Flying Disc of Frobozz (one of which he found within the labyrinthine tunnels within the cliffs, known as the Zorkian Caverns). He gave his son one of them, disguised as a mud-encrusted rock, for good luck just before he climbed up the rope to escape.

In 1647 GUE, the unknown Sweepstakes Winner made his way to the Comedy Club. After successfully telling four jokes that had been translated from an ancient book by Bizboz, this adventurer won the Big Laugh Contest and its prize, which was a piece of the Flying Disc of Frobozz. Thus Cliff Robinson was indirectly responsible for the defeat of Morphius.