Robinson, 1647 GUE

      Robinson after Morphius defeat (A) / (B) / (C)
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As a boy, the son of Cliff Robinson was lured along with his parents to the Cliffs of Depression. Cliff had a bonding plant, but when he went to the cliffs, it wilted and none of them could leave; they became enslaved to Morphius and perpetual depression. The head dwarf miner was able to help the boy escape. Just before leaving up the rope, Cliff gave his son a mud-encrusted rock for good luck, which unknown to the child was one of the six pieces of the last Flying Disc of Frobozz.

Just after he escaped from the Cliffs of Depression, the boy came by Witch Itah's tree home at the edge of the Creeping Bogs. She tried to cheer him up, but still suffering from the curse of depression, he needed something more than she could give him. Eventually he made his way above ground to West Shanbar where he lived under the half-bridge as a vagabond, compulsively afraid that the vultures would carry him back to the cliffs. He tried to go to the school house to get in contact wiht his old teacher, Ms. Peepers, but he was unable to reach the bell to ring it. The only thing that kept him company was the pet rock his father had give him. He told himself that if anyone was ever nice to him he would give it to them.

In 1647 GUE, the unknown Sweepstakes Winner befriended the scared waif, gifting him with a pair of tickets to Dizzy World. This managed to cheer him up considerably, and in exchange he rewarded the adventurer with his pet rock. This disc piece was one of six forged into the Flying Disc of Frobozz and thus the child was indirectly responsible for the defeat of Morphius.