Robots are complex machines that usually resemble a human and do mechanical, routine tasks on command. Robots come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types. The most widely known producer of robots was the Frobozz Magic Company, who seemed to mainly produce them prior to the fall of the Empire in 883 GUE. Although complex machines have since been constructed, there is no evidence that more robots have been produced. Robots have been primarily uncovered within ancient and abandoned sections of the Great Underground Empire, many still functional and still performing the routines that had been assigned to them before the Empire's collapse.

Some late-model robots produced by the Frobozz Magic Robot Company were trained at GUE Tech to perform various simple household functions. Commands were issued through the following formula: "Robot, COMMAND". Their memory circuits were not advanced, only able to perform navigational movement, the picking up of objects, the lifting of cages, and the pushing of buttons. When destroyed, these robots would fall to the floor in a pile of garbage before instantly disintegrating. (One of the many weakness of this model of robot was its lack of a floating-point processor, thus a FLOAT spell would destroy it. These models also lacked a mouth, although they had a head-like appendage.) One of these named Robby, discovered in the "Alice Area" of the Dungeon of Zork, had the primary function to operate the Frobozz Magic Room Spinner controls, since the output of the machinery was of such an abnormally high voltage.

Another model, found in the Royal Museum, was a housekeeping model with six beady mechanical eyes. Hovering in the air, it could quickly dust the floor as it moved, gliding from room to room. This robot was also able to detect if equipment or other museum relics were out of place and would quickly return them to their precise position..

Leo and Rocky were two robots used to operate the Frobozz Magic Crematorium. Even though they were damaged, these workers continued their duties even a century after they had been abandoned.

Several different robot models armed with laser guns were responsible for the guarding of the Helm of Zork.

IMAGE01: Robot guardians of the Helm of Zork
IMAGE02: Frobozz Magic Robot (A) /  (B)
IMAGE03: Leo the robot