ROCK (music)

The most popular music among the masses of the Great Underground Empire before its collapse in 883 GUE was a type known as rock music, so-called because it was produced by banging together rocks (which were left lying all over the place following the construction of the caverns and tunnels of the Great Underground Empire) and also because listeners frequently stuffed rocks in their ears due to the loud volumes involved.

The origins of the Great Underground Empire's rock music can be traced to the legendary singer Elvis Flathead, whose first concert in 841 propelled him to stardom. However, the most famous rock musicians were undoubtedly Sgt. Duffy's Lonely Hearts Club Band. A later addition to the Great Underground Empire's rock music scene was a group called Men at Zork, whose hit song "Down Under" revitalized interest in the medium. Other important rock musicians of the Great Underground were a group named Jefferson Bucket and a cute robot named Pink Floyd.

SOURCE(S): The New Zork Times 4.2