Rockville Estates was an upscale housing complex planned by the Frobozz Magic Construction Company for a piece of prime cavern space on the Great Underground Highway (GUH-95) near Flatheadia. The Rockville Estates was designed by the renowned architect, Zylo Pickthorn, who used the chessboard as the basis for the consturction plan. The Managing Foreman for the project was Quizbo Frotzwit. The cave-bound condo complex was advertised as "The new, prestigious address for the discriminating Young Underground Professional."

By 29-Mum-880, Phase Two of the Rockville Estates project was finished with an exception of the removal of temporary passsages, installation of emergency exits, installation of sprinkler system, and construction of Concierge apartment. Occupancy of its 64 units (each roughly octagonal in shape) was to begin in spring 881 GUE, but the project seems to have halted sometime shortly after 29-Mum-880, most likely due to the population decline of those fleeing the dreaded Curse Day of 883, as well as the increasing barbarian and monster raids.


SOURCE(S): Zork Zero