The Honorable Roger was known as Chief Defender of the Realm to the platypuses living on the Misty Island, and was the captain of the Platypus Guard. This young platypus appeared in public dressed in a green doublet and shining breatplate with a short, curved sword at this side. He did not condone over-familiarity.

On Simon's first visit to the Misty Island, the Honorable Roger sent summons for the assembling of the Platypus Guard to assist him. Because platupuses are unfortunately not all that fast on their feet, it took them a few hours to get together. This elite fighting unit was still not prepared on the postman's second visit. During the darkest hour during the final confrontation with Gladys at the Festeron church, when both Y'Gael and Hortense had been entangled by the Evil One's snakes, Roger arrived with the Platypus Guard to rescue the two sisters from their imprisonment.