For years Ronatil had owned and operated the Eagle's Claw Tavern, the only hoenst establishment in the Millucis District of Mareilon. He was called Rontail the Loved, Rontil the Noble, Ronatil the Baretender, the Anchor of the Millucis. Everyone knew him, even the police. But he refused to cooperate with any of their attempts to halt crime in the area. If he had wished, he could have easily named the figures behind the largest and most dangerous criminal organizations in the area, and yet when the city government asked, when the city government begged for information, he only smiled.

"I do not wish to get involved," he would say. "I will serve them drink and listen to their boasts, and in a few weeks they will be gone from this life. What are they? Nothing. You wish to eliminate them? Let them eliminate themselves. They do not matter to me. This tavern. That is what matters to me."

While not the original owner, Rontil was proud of his tavern, his own little world. Born with an innate baretender's instict, he enjoyed drifting in and out of the ongoing conversations and cataloguing every tidbit he heard. On an average night, hundreds of locals would walk in and out of the pub, some staying just long enough to polish off one glass of phlog and tonic, others staying the entire night.

In 398 GUE, Ronatil saw Zarfil's rebellion against the Mareilon government firsthand as the riots began in the streets just outside of the tavern.