“Know now that he who gains entrance to the Timeless Halls shall be granted life eternal.”
                        -The Scrolls of Fizbin

Claimed by several religious communities to be divinely inspired and infallible, every known prediction of the Sacred Scrolls of Fizbin has come to pass (unless its fulfillment is yet to come) and all information contained within has been flawless. Many religious circles use these scrolls in combination with the later Scrolls of Kar'nai, also said to be divinely inspired.

These scrolls, possibly the only surviving element of the archaic Epozz before the Frobeolithic Glacier, contain troves of knowledge which had been hidden from the Implementors and instead imparted to the prophet Fizbin for use by the humans. Legend states that the actual text of these writings were dictated to Fizbin straight from the mouth of Eru The One, himself. Working in His unknowable and unsearchable ways, Eru apparently saw it fit to grant everything He withheld from the Implementors to the race of men, to do with it as they saw fit.

The hermit experienced a visitation from The Father of the Implementors, who imparted revelations to him in some kind of dream or vision over the course of several nights of deep sleep. Fizbin was granted extensive knowledge of spiritual forces, certain mysterious powers of life giving and immortality, the ability to foresee and describe certain events in the distant future, the knowledge of the original locations of the primary Cubes of Foundation, the six Pools, heavenly Timeless Halls and methods to open their secret gateways, mystic places, a remarkable thorough knowledge of geography that remains unequaled even today, and many more prophecies and mysterious far beyond our intellects. When Fizbin had finished and looked over his own words, he could not even understand much of what had been written.

It was commonly believed that the Scrolls are Eru’s gift of immortality to the human race. According tos ome, if the scrolls were deciphered, men would become like the Implementors themselves. Though Fizbin faithfully recorded the words of The One, unfortunately for humanity, he wrote in an ancient archaic script, barely understandable beyond his time. For centuries scholars would attempt to decipher the words and would fail, leaving only partially translated passages (theoretically translated) even until the Entharion Dynasty. And even the new translation methods that arose during the reign of Zylon that Aged, only partially translated the scrolls, but still failed to decipher much of the text, as it referred to objects and places no longer known, or no longer called by their ancient names. For example, there were very specific instructions about how to find the Pools, but every detail related to geographical locations that are no longer known, and even if they were, it was likely that many of the locations of the cubes had changed over the generations as they had been discovered. However, it was said that he who completely understood the contents of the Scrolls would have power over all existence and would know the eventual fate of the world.

These scrolls have been stored within the Galepath University library since their discovery, with one exception. In 398 GUE, the last year of Zylon the Aged, a minion of the fallen Implementor Belegur stole these scrolls from the university. This incarnation of evil, who had been banished from the timeless halls, found that these writings contained the knowledge for weaving a gateway to return. Knowing that the lengthy time to prepare the spell would surely alert the magicians of the day, he formed an elaborate plan to divert the attention of Quendor. Withou evidence, Mayor Spildo of Galepath accused Zarfil of Mareilon of theft of the scrolls, thus fabricating a reason to declare war upon the city. Zilbo I, leading the armies of Quendor fused with the Nezgeth tribe, defeated Belegur and recovered the Sacred Scrolls of Quendor. Once recovered, Zylon the Aged perused them until he found the knowledge to weave a gateway to the Timeless Halls. Thus he ascended into the Ethereal Planes where some claim he still walks today.

Following the king's ascension, the Sacred Scrolls were returned to Galepath University. In 407 GUE, Dinbar returned to Galepath to pursue many projects including the successful effort to translate the Scrolls of Fizbin.