In circa 670 GUE, Salestra was but a young lady from Mareilon with a particularly flat head. Duncanthrax announced to his kingdom that he was to be the first king of the Flathead Dynasty. This took the people by surprise, as it was not known to be a part of his title, nor was it at all indicative of the clearly non-flat shape of his head. He declared that from then on, the flatness of one’s head was to be directly correlated with their royal stature, and that he sought the most flatheaded woman in the land to become his queen. The call went out across the Westlands and in a very short time, Duncanthrax had found the stunned Salestra. They were married immediately, and within the year had their first son. The boy was named Belwit the Flat, and much to Duncanthrax’s pleasure, his head did indeed have a somewhat flat shape to it.