Lewis and Erasmus (<916 GUE)


The great alchemist and doctor, Lewis Sartorius, was part of the new school of alchemy that believed they had found the answers to the search for the Elixir of Life. While the conventional philosophy looked to science and chemistry for some of its answers, they believed that the fifth essence was the purified spirit. Lewis published his research in the book, "The Blood Alchemist" which was published by "New Zork Press" sometime before his death in 915 GUE. It is possible that the doctor was also Chief of Staff of the Gray Mountains Asylum.

Lewis' son, Erasmus, who was born on Jam 19, 895 in Frostham, was abused as a child and raised with little concern for his health or safety. He followed his father's footsteps both in the pursuit of a medical career as well as alchemy. Just before his death, Lewis left his book, "The Blood Alchemist" for his son. Written in the front was the following:

My Son;

I now lie on my deathbed. I leave so much work undone. I sense I am close to the truth, yet the quintessence still eludes me. Follow the new school of alchemy. There are rumors of an ancient underground temple; a shrine which has the power to create the philosopher’s stone. It was created by an engineer of Duncanthrax named C. Agrippa, but his work disappeared. You must find it.

-Your Loving Father

With his father gone, Erasmus Sartorius wanted only one thing: to complete his father's controversial work—a study of blood alchemy.

Either Lewis or his son wrote the book, "Constellation Movement and Planets: Controlling the Spheres."