One of Quendor's mighty battle biremes, the Screaming Queen's prow swept upward gracefully. The shipbuilder had fashioned it in the likeness of one of the fearsome sea serpents, even painting large, white eyes, that from a distance no doubt appeared real. There were cabins both fore and aft, but their doors were kept shut. On the roof of the forward cabin stood a massive drum to keep the oarsmen harmoniously in pace. A tall single mast rose from the center of the deck emblazoned with the huge Quendoran eagle in red and gold. Thirty oarmans could be stationed on the upper deck, and another thirty on the lower.

The Screaming Queen was the forerunner of twenty ships that were to lead the initial feint upon Antharia in 665 GUE, under the command of Captain Chulig. The minor wizard appointed to this bireme was Satchmoz the Incomparable. Other crewmembers included Caspar Wartsworth (oarsman) and Sunrise (cabin boy). The Quendoran soldiers onboard were both archers and spearmen.

Only a day at sea, the Screaming Queen passed the shore of Mauldwood, where an infatuated sea serpent, who had mistaken the prow for a mate, ripped it from the ship. The mighty bireme sunk. No one is recorded to have survived the shipwreck except for Satchmoz, Caspar, and Sunrise.

After the victory over Antharia, the sinking of the Screaming Queen became  one of the fastest spreading and most famous stories told all over Borphee.