Sea serpents are a rare breed of dangerous aquatic predators of many shapes and sizes, their scales and eyes having been found in every shade of the rainbow. The most common breed tends to have thick coils, scales around the face that puff out like feathers when drawing forth a breath, a pair of dorsal crests, three sets of long whisker-like fins about its mouth, twin ivory-like fangs, thin translucent lips, and huge round lidless eyes. Several varities of this serpent are known to have a single horn about their forehead, in the likeness of a unicorn. While their bodies surface above the water from time-to-time, the sea serpent is an udnerwater creature and will quickly drown in air.

These fearsome reptiles frequently haunt the Flathead Ocean. Seafareres are cautioned to keep their distance, as even the most deadly tipped arrows and spears poke harmless off the serpent's thick scales. From above, they may be seen gliding smoothly through the water like a long, think ribbon of darkness beneath the rippling surface.

The mating embrace of two sea serpent's is seen as a tightly entwined coil sailing along, oblivious to all else. Baby sea serpents on average are the size of small whales, and it is known that the Wizard of Frobozz actually kept a baby sea serpent as a pet until it was killed by the Second Dungeon Master in 948 GUE.

There is common superstition that it is bad luck to be seen by a sea serpent. Some countered this claim with equally absurd superstition, believing that the beasts were near-sighted.

Flame-boiled sea serpent filet is also well-known speciality, especially in Antharia. There was a mammoth sea serpent known as Oceanus.

IMAGE01: sea serpent with a single horn along Flathead Beach
IMAGE02: Wizard of Frobozz's baby sea serpent
IMAGE03: Wizard of Frobozz's baby sea serpent
IMAGE04: sea serpent
IMAGE05: sea serpent pulling Gurthark
IMAGE06: sea serpent pulling Gurthark
IMAGE06: sea serpent snapping at Gurthark
IMAGE07: Gurthark kicking a sea serpent