Viking Ship near Shore, 948 GUE


The Shadowland, also known as the Land of Shadows, is a barren land of eternal night, deep underground, 16 bloits south of Flatheadia and 75 bloits north of Fublio Valley (along the GUH-95). It lies near the point where the Flathead Ocean's eastern shore dips underground, and has frequent patches of quicksand as a result. The subterranean, featureless landscape is composed of shallow rolling hills. The ceiling is shrouded in mist, barely allowing the top of the enormous cavern that spanned the entire dark land to be seen. A massive stone wall, ancient and weathered, serves as its northern border. Crumbling with age, several passages have been permitted through the rubble of the decaying wall. The ominous land is contained at its southern ends by an uncrossable sea of quicksand. This ominously magical and fantastic place is bathed with shadows so eerie that even many members of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association fear to tread its grounds.

The misty waters of the shoreline here are not only treacherous, and have been enchanted with a terrible curse. Anyone sailing near the shore was caught in an enchantment which would trap the boat and its crew in the seemingly endless waters until someone on shore greeted them with the words "Hello Sailor!"

It was here in 948 GUE that the First Dungeon Master ordained a trial for the man that would soon after become the Second. It is also from this place where Glorian of the Knowledge magically gathered the darkness that he later used to defeat the Autoexec.