Shinboz was once a member of the Brotherhood of Ur'agoth, to whom he swore undying fidelity. These blood brothers, the ancient masters of the dark lore, welcomed him in when he was but a young conjurer of cheap tricks, and taught him everything that he knew.

This tiny wizard, who tended to easily be flung into unbridled rages, later left the Brotherhood of Ur'agoth lived in a small mobile hut which sported a pair of huge flamingo legs and stood well over 20 feet tall with shuttered windows. He frequently rode across the land inside his pet (which, like any other, needed its daily walk), never staying in one location for too long. During the Great Monster Uprising, one of these locations included the Miznia Marshland, where he planted an incredible garden of chrysanthemums. Shinboz loved Double Fanucci, but depised when the daft made an appearance. Thus when he moved, he always coded his invitations to make sure his less-intellectally inclinded readers could not understand them. One of such messages included binary coding (which forced the farce, Farthingazz, to miss several games).

While Shinboz made home at the Miznia Marshlands during the Great Monster Uprising, he was visited by an anoynomous man by the alias of "Detective Softly" who had managed to solve an encrypted message which he had sent to Farthingazz. Since Shinboz had once been a member of Ur'agoth, "Softly" was seeking to have the destination of Ur'agoth teleportation runes identified. Shinboz was unwilling to sell out his brothers unless "Softly" was willing to recover the Amulet of Aggthora, to be used to assist him in placing a few bets on fighting adventurers in the Bozbarland arena. The magical artifact was located by "Softly" and shipped to Shinboz at the Marshlands.

Since "Softly" was in pursuit of someone in the family which Shinboz had once belonged to, when the Amulet arrived, he was prepared to steal the artifact and take flight without providing any authentic guidance in return. But on reflection, since "Softly" seemed to be incredibly adept at finding lost things, he realized that escaping this vengeful adventurer might not be as easy as he thought. Shinboz sent him a reply identifying the runes, but left the location of The Gray Mountains Ur'agoth hideout encoded in the following riddle: "Morality is rarely black and white, but you’ll have more than a hill to climb if you want to find the Ur’agoth Brotherhood."