Once known as Shuboz the Necromancer, the great and all-powerful Shuboz Shuboz (two first names were a sign of great respect and high honor) was born approximately in the year 780 GUE. He eventually became the Grand Master of the Thriff Guild of Enchanters, Sorcerers, and Wizards. Shuboz had taken the gold medal in the Frobozz FILFRE Olympics 56 years straight (c. 910-966 GUE). His great age was the product of too many resurrection spells, which kept him alive to at least witness the end of the First Age of Magic in 966 GUE (as well as the rest of the high-ranking wizards lose their hope of gaining his seat).

All of the masters of the Thriff Guild knew of the famous magician Stribel Wartsworth, and while his grandson Anesi was enrolled at Galepath University shortly before 956, the Great Shuboz Shuboz and his companions had their crystal ball upon him. Anesi was quickly removed from the university after not even half a term, but was able to at least hear Shuboz speak at the Galepath University during his attendance. At the specific request of Stribel, Shuboz continued to keep an eye on Anesi, unknown to the rest of his family.

In the days just before the collapse of the First Age, at the age of 186, the great Shuboz Shuboz had snow-white hair flowing over his shoulders, and a snow-white beard parted and flung back on either side of his neck. His face was a map of lines and cracks, and his cheeks and brows seemed little more than a bony framework for the purpose of containing his huge round eyes with dark pupils. He commonly wore a cloak over his expensive red velvet robe, and a pair of purple velvet slippers with large silver buckles. He sported some of the largest feet of any Zorkian, complete with big toes.

At that time, the power of the Great Terror seeped into the northern lands, reaching as far as Thriff. The Great Shuboz Shuboz and the other masters began to sense the first vestiges of its influence. He gathered with six of the Thriff masters: Khare the Watcher, Shad Treeskimmer, Grimbol the Great, Raskil Worrysnot, and Finister. They believed that only one of youth would have the greatest advantage against the Great Terror, for one of that stature would still have their innocence and would not be tempted to evil like most of the others. Anesi, the grandson of Stribel Wartsworth, was one such enchanter that fit their requirements—talented and innocent. Seeking him, they set forth on the vessel of Shuboz Shuboz to sail up the coast of the Flathead Ocean to ask him to fight the Terror.

Only the direst emergency would make Shuboz Shuboz set forth on a sailing ship. Wind or no wind, sail or no sail, his personal vessel went nowhere unless he directed it. A version of the BLORB spell kept the ship safe and also invisible.
As they set forth on their quest, the servants of the Terror finally awoke after generations to serve him again. One of these Servants rested in the woods around Anesi’s house.

When Anesi's family spotted the vessel, Choboz hid them in the smoke hole that was at a distance in the woods from their home. The seven wizards disembarked their vessel and approached the house. They left the Great Shuboz Shuboz without the house while the other six went to find Anesi at the smoke hole and subdue the father with VAXUM. With the fear of enmity departed, the six wizards and the family returned to Anesi’s home to meet the elderly Shuboz Shuboz. After explaining their reason for setting forth to find Anesi, the Great Shuboz Shuboz gave Anesi a brand new Chevaux-quality spellbook. The binding was a bright blue dyed leather with the symbol of the Thriff Guild worked into the cover with rich, shining gold. The pages were also gilt-edged.

The wizards helped prepare Anesi for his quest, but furthering his instruction in the rudimentary workings of magic. But when one of the Servants of the Great Terror awoke and was defeated, they quickly sent Anesi out on his quest before the other six Servants would find him. Before departing, the Great Shuboz Shuboz rewarded Anesi with the official rank of “young enchanter.”

The Great Shuboz Shuboz and the other six masters took care of Mildi and Choboz while their son was gone on the quest, and after Anesi returned, he was willing to stay around for as long as was needed.