Agba Skimlipt's son suffered from a sickness to the point that he was mute, and could not accomplish anything intelligent, including reading. The son was sent to Doctor Sartorius, who promised to fix the son at no charge. According to Skimlipt, not only did Sartorius fix the son, but have him some jobs to work at the Gray Mountain Asylum laboratory where he spent all his time now. While Skimlipt sent a letter praising the doctor for the work done, the son was most likely used a subject in one of Sartorius' sadistic experiments and the reason the son spent all his time there was due to some sort of corruption.

The contents of the 19 Oracle, 935 GUE letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my most sincere wish to make known to all public people through-out the Empire that Doctor Sartorius, the kind and generous Doctor, has done a deed so thoughtful, so helpful, that words cannot describe the things I am trying to say at this time.

    My son was so sick, he could not talk, or read or do anything intelligent or smart like usual. We were in money problems (as we are poor), and could not find a person for helping us. Doctor Sartorius said he would fix my son with no money. Not only did he fix my son, he gave him some jobs to work at the Laboratory, and my son spends all his time there now.

    Doctor Sartorius is the greatest kind of man I have known. His things he learns about health have saved my son. I am forever in his debt.


Agba Skimlipt

SOURCE(S): Zork:Nemesis